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  • Stephanie Richardson

A Word To The Client...

An industry built of making connections not breaking them.... Of collecting friends and family into your hair circle.... Of fostering community relationships in hopes of giving back and being involved. With people.

"Leave everyone better than you found them."

That's our motto in the industry, across the board really. Keep people laughing and chatting, keep them close. Keep for finger of the pulse of your community; your people.

We (stylists) get into this industry for a multitude of reasons. Some love fashion, some love hair, some want fame and fortune and some of us just can't sit still. But at the root of all stylists one reason stays true; we love our clients. They are our family. Our people. Our tribe. Our clients aren't like anyone's typical customer at the supermarket checkout. Our clients spend hours in our chair. Over the course of decades often. We put our hands on them and in return they place their hearts in our hands. We know the names of their children, what the latest obstacle in their career has been and what they hope for their future. They come for a service, but so much's an experience and a belonging. And at the end of the day, our clients leave us with as much gratitude and happiness as they take away from their appointments.

"I think it's fair to say that most stylist have never come to work a day in their hair career and have just "done hair". Somewhere in that 30-300-minute appointment, you're privy to a story, or you've been a sounding board. You've found a connection to the person in your chair, one that builds over time."

It's the conversation about your upcoming holiday that you've saved all year to take your family on. It's the conversation we have about the next big impending change in your life, or the anticipation of something new. We discuss your hopes, your dreams, your realities and your fears. And every 4-8 weeks we meet up again and start right where we left off. Because we are connected.

I have had the opportunity to stand behind the chair for 15 years and I've done so with pride. Pride of what I do, pride of the people and community I get to serve and above all pride in the connections this career has gratefully afforded me. The ability to reach out and touch somebody figuratively and literally (hugs are a currency in this industry). And each day I get to teach and be taught invaluable lessons. All through human connection. We are at a time that challenges this. We are in a time of pause, panic and uncertainty. A time that is a true struggle for those of us that survived from our social connections. Monetary concerns aside (if you didn't have them before, you likely do now), social interactions with our clients is the fuel for our souls. It’s why your stylist keeps coming to work.

We don't know what tomorrow brings, or next week or next month but know this; know that we feel your pain, we miss your face and we cannot wait to catch up! There will never be anything that replaces human connection and nothing that replaces all of you!



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